30 September

Aurora seen from the International Space Station in Orbit

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Is this the most beautiful timelapse ever? Quite possibly. Just watch…

27 September

“I will be a hummingbird” – Wangari Maathai

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It was a very sad day for the environmental movement yesterday, learning that Wangari Maathai had passed after losing her battle with cancer at the age of 71. This inspiring lady who was a Nobel Laureate and founder of the Green Belt Movement, was one of the leading world figures in raising awareness about environmental […]

26 September

British Council Talk at Chongqing University Film School – Listen in!

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British Council Talk View more presentations from seaninchina Last week I visited two Chinese cities, Shenyang and Chongqing, for the British Council as part of their Smart Talk series. We had a great turnout in both cities, with over 500 people turning out altogether. One of the highlights for me as a photographer is to […]

16 September

British Council Talks – Shenyang & Chongqing

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Earlier this year, I was invited by the British Council to take part in a series of talks in China, presenting my work on documenting the country’s environmental issues to over 300 students at Shanghai’s prestigious Tongji University. I was honored to be part of this series promoting the work of British figures, as previous […]

15 September

24 Hours of Reality: Climate Reality Project

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Live broadcast by Ustream “24 Events…24 Time Zones…24 Hours of Reality Droughts, floods, heat waves, insect outbreaks, wildfires, sea level rise – we are encountering the reality of our changing climate every day. Five years after the theatrical release of An Inconvenient Truth, Nobel Laureate and former Vice President Al Gore will host an international […]

12 September

New Multimedia – China’s Wetlands – Asia Society

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This week the Asia Society and I launched a new collaborative project which brings together 4(!) brand new multimedia pieces, focusing on my Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting on issues surrounding the disspaearance of China’s wetlands. As regular readers here will know, this is is a project that I began last year and have continued […]

7 September

Photo ‘dispels moon landing conspiracy theory’

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A photo has been released by NASA this week that should, hopefully, put to bed one of the longest-running conspiracy theories out there – the moon-landing hoax. The image shows a view from above of the Apollo 11 landing site, clearly showing the tracks of the astronauts and pieces of equipment that are still on […]