28 October

Top 5 Tips for Journalists when Dealing with Science and Scientists

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“It’s Dr. Evil, I didn’t spend six years in Evil Medical School to be called “mister,” thank you very much.” Dealing with science and scientists has been an important part of my work whilst covering environmental issues over the past few years in China. Virtually every story I have investigated and covered began with reading […]

26 October

Happy Diwali 2011!

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A very quick post to wish all my friends a very happy Diwali, should you be celebrating this amazing ‘festival of lights’ where you are in the world. The above image was taken in Trafalgar Square, London, during celebrations in 2004. I am sure London will be awash with colours again, as will all those […]

25 October

NASA Image of Air Pollution over Eastern China

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If you were unfortunate enough to visit the east of China last week, you will have run into what was a very noticeable haze that descended on this part of the country. Residents and regular visitors knew all to well that this was the return of the dreaded vast swathes of air pollution that still […]

13 October

5 Tips for Finding a Great Story Idea

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During my time speaking at universities and schools across China and in the US, I am often asked how I find stories to work on. I thought it was time I jotted down a few of these ideas here on the blog and incorporate them into my new Learning Zone which will be a hub […]