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My name is Sean Gallagher, a British photographer and filmmaker. I have been based in Asia for over 15 years and am currently in Beijing, China.

From chasing timber poachers with armed policemen through the jungles of Cambodia, to photographing undercover in secretive North Korea, I produce diverse stories for some of the world’s leading news outlets.

I specifically focus on creating photography and documentary film projects that highlight stories from the front line of the climate crisis and other important and under-reported global environmental issues.

I am an 8-time recipient of Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting travel grants, my images are represented by the National Geographic Image Collection and I am a Fellow of the UK Royal Geographical Society.

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What I Do


I use photojournalism to produce long-form photography about critical environmental and social issues across Asia. My work appears in major news outlets including The Pulitzer Center, National Geographic News and The Guardian. My corporate clients (The United Nations, DHL, BMW) hire me for my story-telling skills to communicate their aims and ethos to their customers through vivid and impactful photography.


My film projects focus on character-driven narratives that communicate and highlight important social and environmental issues through the moving image, utilising creative cinematography and narrative-driven stories. This approach allows my editorial and commercial clients to utilise my storytelling skills in communicating their message to their targeted audiences through engaging and emotional stories on film.


A selection of my work is available as fine art in the form of limited edition prints, open edition prints and limited edition magazines. My collectors value having my work in the homes, offices and personal photography collections. The support of my collectors allows me to continue working on creating stories about critical global environmental issues, through my photography and filmmaking.


15 May

COVID-19 and Increased Deforestation in Cambodia

Posted by Sean Gallagher in News
COVID-19 and Increased Deforestation in Cambodia

Reports are coming out of Cambodia this month that there has been a large spike in deforestation, correlating with the global outbreak of COVID-19. On April 21, Conservation International reported, “In Cambodia, our field office reports an increase in deforestation caused by illegal logging, as well as an increase in the sale of bushmeat. The […]

4 May

Documenting Climate Change Podcast

Posted by Sean Gallagher in News
Documenting Climate Change Podcast

I was recently invited to speak with Chris King of the Documenting Climate Change podcast, a new online audio show dedicated to discussing topics surrounding coverage of the climate crisis. Click HERE to visit the website and listen to the full conversation I had with Chris. This week’s guest is one of the few people […]

Featured Video

In this unique documentary produced with The Guardian newspaper, Sean Gallagher explores the world of illegal bird poaching in China.

He follows Gu Xuan, a young Chinese conservationist, as he single-handedly tracks down and confronts poachers as they trap and sell birds, risking his own safety along the way.

Pictures of the Year Award of Excellence, Documentary Storytelling Daily Life. 2020

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