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What do I talk about on this Blog?

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If you’re new here and you have stumbled upon my blog, you may wonder, so what is discussed here? What are some of the main topics? What are the majority of the posts about? Well, using a very handy tool at Wordle I have generated a word cloud of the 100 most frequently used words, to help give you an idea. Have a look below…

Word Cloud

Word Cloud

As you can see, the top 4 are China, photography, desertification and workshop. These four really sum up a lot of what I have talked about over the past 7+ months in which I have been blogging. Read more about each below…

China – I have been lucky enough to call China my second home really, since moving here 3 and 1/2 years ago. Most of my posts are about my life and work here and it’s inevitable that this is the focus of my posts. I do try to add a sprinkling of thoughts and photos from other locations however, when I can.

Photography – Well, this one is a little obvious!

Desertification – The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting sponsored me to work on covering the issue of desertification in 2009 and since, it has been my main body of work. I continue to try to spread the word on this vastly underreported issue to as many people as possible.

Workshop – In October 2009 we began the Weekend Workshops, photography classes aimed at introducing the participants to China, through photography. Slowly but surely they are gaining in popularity as more Beijing residents and visitors look to explore China’s capital with their cameras in hand.

…And that’s it, in a nutshell. I hope it helps give you a quick idea about what this blog is about. Maybe I’ll try this again in a year, to see how the focus had changed. This will be a useful exercise for me too!

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