Earth Hour Competition: We Have a Winner! - Sean Gallagher - Photographer & Filmmaker | Beijing, China

Earth Hour Competition: We Have a Winner!

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Earth Hour | Beijing | China

Last week I posted the first competition for my blog, based on the recent video that I shot to coincide with Earth Hour here in Beijing. If you missed the video, you can watch it here on Vimeo or YouTube.

The challenge was to find me within the video, walking in front of the camera. Sounds easy huh? Yes, except for the fact the that the video is time-lapse and condenses the whole earth hour into one minute, hence making my two appearances very very brief.

Earth Hour | Beijing | China

I worried that I had made the challenge too difficult, until someone came in with nearly spot-on the correct guess. That person was ‘Charles’, who posted a guess of 0:26 and 1:04. The official count was 0:26 and 1:05, based on the two screen grabs you can see here in this post, but Charles’s answer was good enough for me. Very well done, Charles. I’m impressed!

Charles, are you in Beijing? If yes, please send me an email via the email address in the contact section to the right and let’s organise your free workshop. I look forward to hearing from you!

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