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Video – Twilight Landing into LAX – from Cockpit

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I saw this nice little video today titled “HD Twilight Landing at LAX (Cockpit View)” on YouTube. I thought I’d share it with you as it reminded me of this video that I made a couple of months ago during a flight from the US to China. I like this one because it is actually taken from the cockpit of the plane and shows the descent into Los Angeles Airport at dusk. It’s a beautiful view for the few minutes it runs.

I remember when I was a child being taken into the cockpit one time to have a look around during a flight. Obviously those days of being able to do that are long gone now but this video reminded me of that memory.

On a technical note, I wonder how this video was set up. I assume the camera was on the inside. Did they use a DSLR? Regular video camera? It probably doesn’t matter. Also, I wonder what kind of plane this was? I’m too curious! This is what happens when I see videos I like. I start to break them down and figure out how they were done. A force of habit! Enjoy the vid…

(Thanks to Beverly Spicer for linking to this on Facebook)

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