Monthly:July 2011

China’s Fragile Forests – New Pulitzer Center Project

This month is an exciting one as I begin my third Pulitzer Center-sponsored project on environmental issues in China titled, “China’s Fragile Forests“. This new project is a follow-up to my 2009 project “China’s Growing Sands” and in 2010, “China’s Wetlands Crisis“. I begin this month with the first installment from my travels throughout the south-west of China, the region hardest hit by deforestation in the late 20th Century and currently facing the most challenges as the Chinese people struggle […]

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Mobile Uploads on Tumblr

Are you on Tumblr? This is yet another popular blogging platform has emerged recently and proving to be very popular. I set-up an account last month and am now using it to for mobile uploads, posting images as I travel around China and the world working. I hope that this can help to give you a quick visual sense of what I am doing and provide you with another insight into my life as a professional photographer and videographer. This new […]

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