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Mobile Uploads on Tumblr

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Sean Gallagher Visuals | Photography, Video & Multimedia

Shooting video in the mountains of northern Sichuan. 2011

Are you on Tumblr? This is yet another popular blogging platform has emerged recently and proving to be very popular. I set-up an account last month and am now using it to for mobile uploads, posting images as I travel around China and the world working. I hope that this can help to give you a quick visual sense of what I am doing and provide you with another insight into my life as a professional photographer and videographer. This new platform will complement my text updates on Twitter and Facebook. All of course will all my viewable and accessible from this central hub on my blog. Look forward to seeing you on Tumblr!

Sean Gallagher Visuals | Photography, Video & Multimedia

Moonrise at 36,000 feet. Viewed from plane Enroute to Sichuan, China. 2011

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