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What are you Missing? Stop and Hear the Music

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99% of people just walk on by. If you just watch the above video, that’s what you will of seen. Maybe it was more than 99%. Incredible beauty in the everyday was walked passed, ignored, momentarily noticed and then forgotten.

I’ve often felt that about photography, in that, when photographers go out and take images, we are trying to see unique and special moments in the ordinary. But those moment aren’t ordinary. They are quite incredible and often breathtaking. The way the light is falling. The drama of shadows. The excitement of colour. The serendipitous ¬†juxtaposition of people in the street as they pass oneanother. The texture and depth of emotion caught between people in the briefest of moments.

These are moments that are are not noticed by 99% of people, even though they are right there infront of them.

For me though, these are the most important things in life to see and recognise. This is why photography is so special.

The music is everywhere. Stop and listen.

Read more about the violinist Joshua Bell and the fascinating experiment in the video here

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