Author of The Fat Years, Chan Koonchung, for the Globe & Mail

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Chan Koonchung - The Globe & Mail

Last week I had the opportunity to photograph the Hong Kong author, Chan Koonchung, who has recently sprung to the attention of the international community as a result of the publication of his book, The Fat Years. The Fat Years paints a dystopian picture of China, dissecting the political workings of the country and its implications on the pysche of modern Chinese.

I’ve included  a couple of images from the shoot, one of which was used online to accompany the article written by the Globe & Mail’s East Asia correspodent, Mark Mackinon. Read his article “Chinese must not forget the past, warns author of the Fat Years“.


Chan Koonchung in a Starbucks in Beijing. 2012


Chan Koonchung in the Sanlitun district of Beijing. 2012

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