Monthly:July 2012

Timelapse on a Glacier – Tibetan Plateau

Shooting a timelapse sequence at the moment on the Hailuogou glacier, on the Tibetan Plateau. Seems like a good time to post a photo while I wait for the sequence to finish. Amazing view.

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Hailuogou Glacier – Tibetan Plateau [Mobile Upload]

After two and a half days of travelling, I have finally reached my destination for the week, the Hailuogou Glacier, on the south-east edge of the Tibetan Plateau. I’ll be writing more about this incredible glacier soon, but here is a glimpse of it. The clouds are rolling in. Time to shoot…

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Moving West [Mobile Upload]

01.07.12 – (Left) A river winds its way through the Chinese countryside, viewed from a commercial airliner. (Right) A Tibetan bracelet, caught in the sun. Stay tuned… here.

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