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New Published Work: China Dialogue & Deutsche Welle

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China Dialogue – 2013

A couple of quick links today to some recent published work. The first is on the excellent China Dialogue website. If you haven’t had a chance to view the CD website before, it really is a very good hub of all environment-related news from China, with contributors from all sectors. It is presented bilingually, therefore reaching a wide readership in both China and abroad.

They recently ran my story ‘Between the Glacier and the Dam’, looking at how climate change is affecting one community on the south-east edge of the Tibetan Plateau.


Deutsche Welle – 2013

The second publication was an interview with the German media organisation Deutsche Welle. I was interviewed about my recent work covering climate change on the Tibetan Plateau and some of my approaches to the project. Unfortunately, this interview is only in Chinese!

Hope you enjoy the links and have a great week.


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