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Jellyfish & Chinese Red Tea – Sharing Images on Instagram

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A jellyfish floats through the water in a tank at the Beijing Aquarium. Great lighting set-up beautifully illuminates these elegant creatures. 13th March, 2013.

Life in China is never dull. That’s one thing that I have learnt living here for the past 6 1/2 years. From one week to the next, there are stories in the news that will astound, surprise and just plain shock you.



Visually, this also applies. The country continues to run at breakneck speed, developing itself and its economy, providing visual contradictions and juxtapositions at every turn. There are also quieter moments however, like those that appear in this post.

As well as my professional set-up, I use my iPhone to document my life as a professional photojournalist.

The iPhone and the photo-sharing app Instagram, have become an important part of my professional life, allowing me to share images with a new and wider audience than before.

I spoke with the British Journal of Photography last year about this and some of the impacts this is having on the world of professional photojournalism.

However you feel about the rise of photo sharing sites like Instagram, they are here to stay. They offer us a great way to introduce our work to new audiences and at the same time offer insights into our professional practise.

So, join me on Instagram at sean_gallagher_photo There will be plenty more images like the ones you see in this post. I hope that they will surprise you and help give you both a glimpse into my professional life and help you understand just a little more about China and the other countries in Asia that I travel to!


Time for a spot of tea on a springlike (albeit with slightly grey skies) afternoon in Beijing. 6th March, 2013.


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