Monthly:May 2013

Goodbye to Beijing’s Wonderland

It was always an odd sight. For most, Beijing’s Wonderland was glimpsed from a car, or bus, en route to the Great Wall of China. A double-take was all that most remembered, wondering if they had actually just seen what appeared to be a half-finished Disneyland next to farmland on the outskirts of the city. For those with time to spare after a day to the Great Wall, or just a sense of curiosity, the dilapidated foundations provided a pit-stop […]

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Ship Narrowly Misses Hitting the Great Wall of China (?!)

I have visited the Great Wall of China nearly 20 times over my 6+ years in China. From hiking up its steep steps in the mountains north of Beijing to photographing the crumbling ruins in the country’s western desert regions, I have seen some beautiful sights. This weekend however I saw perhaps the oddest scene I have witnessed in all my trips to the wall. A ship, run aground, having missed smashing into the wall by a matter of metres. […]

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North Korea Images on PetaPixel & Feature Shoot

North Korea news seems to have quietened down lately in the mainstream media but a couple of photo-related outlets recently picked up on my blog post ‘Inside North Korea: Photographing in the World’s Most Secretive Nation‘ which I re-posted here on the blog a couple of weeks ago. Click the link if you missed it when it was first posted. Many thanks to PetaPixel and Feature Shoot for sharing the images and story with their followers. Please do check out […]

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