Monthly:June 2013

Photographing Jakarta’s Severe Water Pollution

In April of this year, I travelled to the Indonesian capital of Jakarta for the first time. I was excited to visit this new city and start to photograph in one of the world’s most underreported emerging economies. I had read stories about the city’s challenges with water and flooding, which is why I wanted to photograph there and continue my work on environmental issues in developing nations. I wasn’t prepared for the shocking scenes that I was to witness […]

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National Geographic Creative Now LIVE

As some readers here will know, I have been a contributing photographer to the National Geographic Image Collection for some time now. Recently, the image collection has changed and is now known as National Geographic Creative, a new agency that represents photographers working in both photography and video, tailoring work to meet the needs of a new kind of client who demands unique, tailored imagery for their campaigns and assignments. I’m proud to be part of this group and encourage […]

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