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Everyday Climate Change LIVE on Instagram

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Everday Climate Change - Instagram

Everday Climate Change – Instagram

Followers of my work will know that one of my main focuses is documenting the effects of climate change across the Asian continent. So, I was really pleased when I got an invitation last month to contribute to the new ‘Everyday Climate Change‘ feed on Instagram.

Most of you will already know of the Everyday series. The brainchild of photographers Peter DiCampo and Austin Merrill when they started their EverydayAfrica feed, the concept has now expanded and documents slices of normal life from across the world, attempting to use photography to shed preconceptions and misconceptions about different geographical areas.
(Read more in this excellent article by Janna Dotschkal at National Geographic).

Inside Climate News

Inside Climate News

I was particularly interested in this new feed, set-up by long-term Asia based photographer James Whitlow Delano, as it attempts to visualise what is often an abstract and visually elusive subject. Finding the everyday moments that present themselves as results of climate change is important in reminding people about the fact that climate change is affecting all of us in different ways, right now across the world.

To begin with I am uploading images from one of my previous projects, The Last Nomads of the Tibetan Plateau. Along with each photo I’m including portions of my story about how climate change is affecting the nomads on the roof of the world.

The feed is ongoing, so please do follow for many more stories from me and other photojournalists dedicated to communicating the realties of climate change and how it is affecting people across the world.


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