Beijing: The Masked City - Featured on Mashable - Sean Gallagher - Photographer & Filmmaker | Beijing, China

Beijing: The Masked City – Featured on Mashable

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Beijing Air Pollution

Mashable – Beijing: Masked City

Pleased to share a recently published photo-essay on the digital media website, Mashable, who recently approached me to share this story with their audience.

Those of you who follow my work will be familiar with this story on Beijinger’s reaction to air pollution. This however is one of the first major publications for the photo-essay which has already spread quickly on social media.

Here is a small extract from the story, but I encourage you to visit the Mashable site and see the full layout.


“When Sean Gallagher first visited Beijing in 2005, they simply called it “fog.”

The British photographer, who has lived in Asia for the past decade, noticed that very few people in Beijing truly considered the city’s notorious air pollution much of an issue.

That attitude shifted in 2006, when Beijing hosted the summer Olympics and the city’s choking pollution became a issue in Chinese press.

“It entered people’s consciousness, but wasn’t something people took action to protect themselves against,” Gallagher said.

Nine years later, they wear the mask.”

Read the rest of the article here


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