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New Pulitzer Center eBook: China, the Environment, and Religion

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Pulitzer Center - Ecological Civilisation

Pulitzer Center – Ecological Civilisation

This past summer, I was invited by the Pulitzer Center to take part in a unique event in Beijing, focused on the topic on “ecological civilisation”.

The conference, hosted by the Pulitzer Center, The Communication University of China and the Yale School of Forestry was a bringing together of scholars, journalists, business leaders and government officials. Throughout the day we discussed China’s major environmental challenges and also the role that religion and the concept of ‘ecological civilisation’ has to play in how China develops in the future.

It was a truly unique event, providing participants from a wide variety of fields to openly and candidly discuss some of the most important issues facing China today.

The Pulitzer Centre has just released a new eBook that summarises the speeches and discussions on the day. It’s available to download here via iTunes, Amazon or Atavist and will provide you with all the information discussed on the day.

I’m honoured to have my images on the front cover of the eBook, with many others inside helping to illustrate this unique publication.

I hope you find it of use and interest, whether your interest is on China, the environment, religion and/or ‘ecological civilisation’.

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