Monthly:May 2019

Guardian Feature – Tuvalu’s Sinking Islands

“One day we’ll disappear: Tuvalu’s sinking islands – Rising seas are on the verge of swallowing two of the tiny archipelago’s nine islands, and the encroaching waves haunt locals’ dreams” I was pleased to work with the Guardian Newspaper on this piece about the environmental challenges Tuvalu is facing. The article coincided with the visit of the United Nations’ Secretary-General, António Guterres, who was visiting the islands this past week. This is my second feature in a week on Tuvalu. […]

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CNN Feature – Climate Change & Rising Seas in Tuvalu

I’m very pleased to share with you all this CNN feature about my recent work in Tuvalu. If you’ve been following my work on either Facebook or Instagram, you will be well aware that I was in the south Pacific recently documenting how the country is being affected by climate change and other environmental challenges. CNN interviewed me for this piece and focused on my aerial photography, a component of my work that I used extensively when in Tuvalu. I […]

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Uncaged Film – Wildlife Conservation Film Festival – Official Selection

UNCAGED is my 2019 short film that follows Gu Xuan, a young Chinese conservationist, single-handedly tracking down and confronting bird poachers in Beijing as they illegally trap and sell birds. Risking his own safety in the face of abuse and intimidation, his determination and devotion to these animals drives him to continue, hoping for a day when they are fully protected. I am pleased to share the news that this short film, produced with the Guardian Newspaper, has been selected […]

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