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Uncaged Film – Wildlife Conservation Film Festival – Official Selection

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UNCAGED is my 2019 short film that follows Gu Xuan, a young Chinese conservationist, single-handedly tracking down and confronting bird poachers in Beijing as they illegally trap and sell birds. Risking his own safety in the face of abuse and intimidation, his determination and devotion to these animals drives him to continue, hoping for a day when they are fully protected.

I am pleased to share the news that this short film, produced with the Guardian Newspaper, has been selected for screening at the upcoming Wildlife Conservation Film Festival which will be held in New York between 17-27 October.


If you are interested in attending the festival, here is a little more information about the aims of the event:

“Our mission is to inform, engage and inspire audiences about the need for and importance of the protection of global biodiversity. We do this through an annual film festival and biodiversity conference in New York and through educational outreach programs on college campuses. We also host events such as free screenings, networking events, and presentations. People that attend and participate in our events are international wildlife conservationists, filmmakers, photographers, scientists and people across the globe that work toward the preservation of global biodiversity.”

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