World Press Photo Witness - Feature - Sean Gallagher - Photographer & Filmmaker | Beijing, China

World Press Photo Witness – Feature


Thank you to World Press Photo who have recently published a feature interview with me about my work documenting the climate crisis and global environmental issues.

In the interview, I discuss with M. Scott Brauer the challenges in making some of my stories and why it is important to communicate these stories with a diverse and varied audience.

Here is the first paragraph of the article. Please visit the World Press Photo Witness site to read the full article:

Sean Gallagher, a British photographer who’s been based in China since 2006, has a policy that he works on one larger story every year, usually about climate change and biodiversity loss, the subjects that drive his passion as a photographer. Getting funding for that work and finding an audience for it isn’t always easy. The independence of being a freelance photographer can be liberating, but the type of reporting Gallagher does is time and resource intensive, often taking him to remote areas for weeks at a time. By partnering with educational, journalism, and issue-focused institutions, Gallagher has found a way to report on the topics he cares about and get them out to a broad audience.

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