Monthly:January 2021

Social Impact Media Awards – Cambodia Burning Named Finalist

Cambodia Burning [4K] កម្ពុជាកំពុងឆេះ from Sean Gallagher on Vimeo. I am pleased to share the news with you that my film, Cambodia Burning, has been named a finalist in the Social Impact Media Awards by SIMA Studios. SIMA is a US non-profit that seeks to highlight and share documentaries that highlight some of the most important social issues facing the world today. It continues to encourage me when I see this film receive so much attention in recent months. The […]

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Pulitzer Center – Year in Stories 2020

I’m honoured that the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting has chosen my story, Cambodia Burning, as one of their highlighted projects of the year. “…despite the difficulties of the past year, Pulitzer Center grantees published 1,046 (and counting) stories on a wide range of topics in outlets all over the world…Our staff managed to narrow it down to just 33 stories that we consider to be the highlights of the year.” I am deeply appreciative of the continued long-term support […]

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