Monthly:February 2021

Cambodia Burning Named in *Official Selection* for the DC Environmental Film Festival

Another significant milestone for Cambodia Burning this week…the first OFFICIAL SELECTION in a major film festival! The film will be part of the screenings at the largest environmental film festival in the world, the Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital. Thank you to everyone who has continued to follow the story this year. This project has already become one of my most wide-reaching projects and the feedback I have received from you all has continued to encourage me. The […]

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Cambodia Burning Awarded *Special Jury Mention* at Social Impact Media Awards

I am pleased to share the news with you that my film, Cambodia Burning, has been awarded a Special Jury Mention at the Social Impact Media Awards by SIMA Studios. SIMA is a US non-profit that seeks to highlight and share documentaries that highlight some of the most important social issues facing the world today. It continues to encourage me when I see this film receive so much attention in recent months. The story of what is happening in Cambodia […]

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Photography For Beginners – New Videos on YouTube Channel

I am pleased to share with the first video in a newly launched series on my YouTube channel, aimed at beginners in photography. Many followers of my work are beginners, amateurs and aspiring professionals, so I wanted to provide videos that help people take their first steps in photography. I offer practical and real world advice based upon my experiences working as a professional photographer and filmmaker for the past 15 years. The first video above covers the basic photography […]

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