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Cambodia Burning Awarded *Special Jury Mention* at Social Impact Media Awards

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I am pleased to share the news with you that my film, Cambodia Burning, has been awarded a Special Jury Mention at the Social Impact Media Awards by SIMA Studios.

SIMA is a US non-profit that seeks to highlight and share documentaries that highlight some of the most important social issues facing the world today.

It continues to encourage me when I see this film receive so much attention in recent months. The story of what is happening in Cambodia is being amplified and attention brought to the ecological crisis unfolding in this unique country. Thank you to everyone who has commented, shared and written to me with words of encouragement and support.



These finalists represent the future of filmmaking because the future of filmmaking is what SIMA has celebrated and promoted all along: honest, raw, diverse, creative, and deeply personal stories that bring us face-to-face with our most pressing global issues.

For nearly a decade, the finalists that pass through SIMA have been exposing the injustices happening across our world—inviting audiences to steady their gaze. Although uncompromising in its ability to wreak havoc, 2020 has without a doubt gifted us this: more people are watching, listening, voting, and taking action to create a more equitable and just world than ever before.

Storytelling has always been an effective vehicle for change and this year’s SIMA 2021 finalists have set the gold standard for what that responsibility means. With captivating storytelling and remarkable access, these diverse and courageous filmmakers not only amplify the stories of marginalized communities and individuals, but inspire and empower audiences to question and rise up against the oppressive systems that hold our society hostage from reaching its full potential.

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