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Photography Tips (in 1 Minute) – The Blue Hour

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In this one minute photography tip, I want to share with you why the blue hour is one of the best times of day to make interesting pictures.

The blue hour is a time of the day that falls just before the sun rises, or just after the sun sets. At this time the sun is still below the horizon but the sky will be lit in various shades of colours, such as blues, pinks and oranges which you can use to make more interesting photos. —- As there is little light on the ground, it’s particularly good for making pictures using silhouettes. Try getting low and framing people or buildings against the sky for a powerful contrast between the blacks in the shadows and the vibrant sky.

It’s also a good time to shoot longer exposures, especially of anything that’s moving within the frame. With less light, it’s easier to get longer shutter speeds. Put your camera on a tripod and experiment with blurring moving objects in the frame.

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