Monthly:March 2023

Multiple Points of Interest – The Secret to Creating Dynamic Images!

Today, I want to share with you how adding multiple points of interest in your photos can make for much more dynamic and interesting photographs. When people first start taking images, they often focus on just one subject in the frame, but a professional technique to make images much more interesting is to add multiple points of interest within the frame of the photograph. To begin doing this, you need to start by first appreciating the frame of your photograph […]

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The Secret to Capturing Reflections – Photography Technique

This week I want to share with you how making images using reflections can make for much more interesting and powerful photographs. Reflections can come in many forms but the primary places to look out for reflections is when you are near windows, mirrors and still water. The reflective properties of these allow you to be very creative with your compositions and will help you make photographs that are much more interesting and intriguing to your viewers. Try getting close […]

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