Mongolia’s Wild Horses, for Smithsonian Magazine

Smithsonian Magazine
Smithsonian Magazine

Very pleased to share this recent publication with you all from an assignment I did late last year in Mongolia for Smithsonian Magazine. The story focuses on the revival of the Przewalski Horse, Mongolia’s wild equine which is experiencing a resurgence after being successfully reintroduced in the wild. It’s a rare good-news story from the world of conservation.

Sean Gallagher in Mongolia
Travelling to the frigid Mongolian steppe near the capital Ulan Bator, I spent a few days stalking these beautiful animals as they roamed the sparse and snow covered grasslands near the capital. Very wary of humans, it was often very difficult to get close to them. Hours of patient waiting and stealthily waiting at key locations on the grasslands led to some close encounters however and I was able to get the images that make up this photo-essay.

It was a unique and special assignment. I hope you enjoy the images. Be sure to read the accompanying article which delves deep into the story of how these magnificent horses have managed to comeback from the brink of extinction.

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