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20 September

News This Week: Images on Burn Magazine, RESOLVE and Duckrabbit

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I just noticed today that I haven’t had a new post up for 10 days! Wow. I have been quite busy of late, having just got back from a shoot in the Chinese city of Hangzhou where I teamed up again with the Globe & Mail’s Mark Mackinnon for a new story. More on that […]

20 August

‘China’s Growing Sands’ awarded 2nd place at International Photography Awards

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I’m very happy to announce that my work for the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting on ‘China’s Growing Sands’ has been awarded 2nd place in the Editorial: Environmental Professional category at the International Photography Awards 2009. This is the first prize recognition I have had for this body of work and I am happy that […]

16 August

New ‘Archives’ Page

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Just a very quick post to let you know that I have introduced a new ‘Archive’ page to the blog, which will allow you see all my previous posts in one place, allowing you to browse directly to each. Just look to the top-right of the screen and the archives are just to the right of the ‘About’ tab. Happy browsing!

5 August

China’s Growing Sands in The Beijinger Magazine

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[book id=’2′ /] China’s Growing Sands appears in the August issue of The Beijinger this month. For the foreign community in Beijing, the magazine needs no introduction as it is a well-known steady source of news, events and happenings in and around the Beijing area. I’ve put the layout into a handy piece of software which allows […]

3 August

Are you enjoying this blog?

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If the answer is yes, then please take a moment to visit the PhotoBlog Awards 2009 website here, where you can vote for this blog. Once through to the PhotoBlog Awards site just go to the ‘vote’ icon in the top-left corner next to the name of the blog, click and then register on the […]