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26 March

Must Watch: Sebastiao Salgado: The Photographer as Activist

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I came across this video over the weekend which I felt compelled to share here on my blog. It’s a panel discussion with the great Sebastiao Salgado, whose work I greatly admire. Salgado has taken documentary photography to another level, pushing the role of photographer beyond being merely a witness and into an agent for […]

30 September

Aurora seen from the International Space Station in Orbit

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Is this the most beautiful timelapse ever? Quite possibly. Just watch…

27 September

“I will be a hummingbird” – Wangari Maathai

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It was a very sad day for the environmental movement yesterday, learning that Wangari Maathai had passed after losing her battle with cancer at the age of 71. This inspiring lady who was a Nobel Laureate and founder of the Green Belt Movement, was one of the leading world figures in raising awareness about environmental […]

15 September

24 Hours of Reality: Climate Reality Project

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Live broadcast by Ustream “24 Events…24 Time Zones…24 Hours of Reality Droughts, floods, heat waves, insect outbreaks, wildfires, sea level rise – we are encountering the reality of our changing climate every day. Five years after the theatrical release of An Inconvenient Truth, Nobel Laureate and former Vice President Al Gore will host an international […]

29 August

What Film Photography Still has to Offer

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Spotted this interesting little video on CNN that I thought readers here would be interested in, titled “What film photography still has to offer”. I started out shooting film, although most of my practice now as a professional photographer has switched to digital. I miss it sometimes. I miss the feelings of anticipation you get […]

16 May

Dongting – A Lake in Flux

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Followers of my blog will know that since last summer, I have been working on a project photographing and creating multimedia reports about the state of China’s wetlands, sponsored by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting. The above video is the third in a series of seven that I am producing. Four and five are […]

8 May

Why Care About Water?

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Regular readers here and followers of my work will know that the main focus of my photography is on environmental issues. In recent years, notably on access and availability of water in Asia, specifically China. I came across this short video on the National Geographic website that I wanted to share here with you. It […]

2 May

Restrepo & Sleeping Soldiers

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I’ve been debating with myself over the past week whether or not to write a post on the subject of the loss of Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros. I did not known these men personally. I coincidentally know many of their friends very well but I had never been lucky enough to meet them myself. […]

12 April

Challenging Stereotypes: The True Story of a Tibetan Woman

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As the models of journalism have changes in the past year or two, more and more independent journalists are going online to crowd-fund their stories. A number of sites have sprung up giving you, the reader/viewer, the chance to help contribute and actively fund investigative reporting. It’s proving a successful model for some with many […]

26 March

Earth Hour: In One Minute

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Saturday 26th March 2011 marks this year’s ‘Earth Hour’, a global event aimed at raising awareness across borders about the effect we have on our climate and inspire action to manage humanities impact on climate change. According to Earth Hour’s website: “On Saturday 27 March, Earth Hour 2010 became the biggest Earth Hour ever. A […]