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If you are visiting this page, thank you for being interested in part of my community!

A community is defined as a group “sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common”. Over the years, I have been lucky to meet countless people who share the passion I do for photography, filmmaking and understanding the natural world.

As a husband and father, I want to make the world a better place for my family through my work and encourage others to care about the planet and what humanity is doing to it. Photography and film have a vital role to play in helping tell stories about these challenges and allows us to better understand our changing world and ultimately make it a better place for future generations.

sean-gallagher-photographer-filmmaker-climate-change-crisisIn 2021, I am starting a new online community whereby people can help both support my work directly and become a part of my community. As an independent freelancer, I value my audience and followers for their continued support, encouragement and enthusiasm for my work. I hope to bring together this community further and connect through our common interests.

One of the things that many of us around the world connect through, is our morning cup of coffee! This is why I am using as a way to connect my community and start a regular dialogue and community discussion about photography, filmmaking and the climate crisis.

Buy me a coffee and you get to ask me any question you like, just like if we were sat down together at a coffee shop! Buy me a couple of coffees each month and you can become a member of my community, meaning you can join my regular monthly Zoom group chats, receive my monthly newsletter containing news/inspiration, have a portfolio review from me, and even receive free images from my collection as screensavers and be eligible for free print giveaways, as a thank you for your support! Learn more HERE.