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I was recently invited to speak with Chris King of the Documenting Climate Change podcast, a new online audio show dedicated to discussing topics surrounding coverage of the climate crisis.

Click HERE to visit the website and listen to the full conversation I had with Chris.

This week’s guest is one of the few people who from the outset of his exploration of climate change took a human-centric approach – whether documenting the impact of rising sea levels on coastal communities, or desertification and drought.

He’s Sean Gallagher, a British photographer and filmmaker, who has lived in China the past 15 years, and during that time has explored a broad diversity of stories on the frontline of the climate crisis in China and the wider Asian region.

From chasing timber poachers with armed policemen through the jungles of Cambodia, to photographing undercover in secretive North Korea, Sean produces diverse stories for some of the world’s leading news outlets.

Sean focuses on creating photography and documentary film projects that highlight stories from the front line of the climate crisis and other important and under-reported global environmental issues.

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