Meltdown - China's Environment Crisis - eBook By Sean Gallagher

“A sobering glimpse into China’s environmental degradation, matched with stirring photography of what’s threatened.” – Kirkus Review

“A refreshingly balanced and holistic coverage of the interplay between China’s environment, economic development, and various cultures.” – Wilson Center – Environmental Change and Security Program

How can you make sense of the enormous scale of China’s environmental problems? Using beautiful images and engaging storytelling, award-winning photojournalist Sean Gallagher takes readers on a tour through China to both places both familiar – like big megalopolises – and hidden – such as ancient cities wiped off the map by desertification. Gallagher captures the nomadic herders of Tibet and some of China’s iconic animals and landscapes, just as they may disappear forever. Four chapters—one each on wetlands, forests, desertification and the Tibetan Plateau—move you 10,000 miles through China, from delta to glacier. Multimedia features including maps and videos allow readers to can see China as Gallagher does – beautiful and endangered.

(August, 2013 – Washington, D.C.) The Pulitzer Center is pleased to announce the publication of “Meltdown: China’s Environment Crisis“, the third in our series of iPad e-books. Visit the iBookstore to download the book for free. Versions of the book are now available to read on the web, Kindle and the Creatavist app for free. To read the book on your iPhone, please see the browser version or download the free Creatavist app. The iPad version was produced in-house with Apple’s iBooks Author program by Meghan Dhaliwal and Caroline D’Angelo. The web, Kindle and Creatavist app versions were produced on Creatavist by Jason Huang and Caroline D’Angelo.

Meltdown: The eBook – Wall Street Journal Feature

The Pulitzer Center e-books production team has garnered awards and accolades from Pictures of the Year International, National Press Photographers Association, Kirkus Reviews and the Webbys. E-books are part of Pulitzer Center’s emphasis on innovative approaches to sharing and promoting international journalism.


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