First Ever Aerial Footage of Uncontacted Amazon Tribe

This is a really interesting video and one which deserves a few minutes of your time to watch. The footage in the video has been shot by BBC for a new series called ‘Human Planet’ and coincides with Survival International’s new campaign to protect some of the last untouched tribes in the world. The video is shot on the border between Brazil and Peru and briefly records an isolated tribe of Indians.

A whimsical soundtrack and celebrity voiceover help to heighten the emotional pull of the video and I think it works perfectly for the aim, which is to raise awareness of this important issue.

According to the website…

“The Indians’ survival is in jeopardy as an influx of illegal loggers invades the Peru side of the border. Brazilian authorities believe the influx of loggers is pushing isolated Indians from Peru into Brazil, and the two groups are likely to come into conflict.

Survival Director Stephen Corry said today, ‘The very dangerous future for uncontacted tribal peoples should be of worldwide concern.”

To learn more, head to the Uncontacted Tribes website. There are more fascinating videos on the challenges facing various tribes.

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