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Are you an amateur photographer, or aspiring professional? Perhaps you have recently been disappointed with the quality of your images, or are confused with some of the technical aspects of photography. Maybe you are trying to find your ‘voice’ as a photographer and are overwhelmed with the information on social media and are just looking for an opinion you can trust, and need a safe space to ask questions about photography.

I want to help you improve your images and guide you along your personal journey in photography. 

This is your chance to learn DIRECTLY from me and use my experience as a professional photographer to improve your photography through my community on Patreon.

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By joining my exclusive community, you will receive:

  • Portfolio reviews.
  • Access to private WeChat/WhatsApp groups for direct daily contact with me.
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  • Exclusive Patreon-only content, such as tutorials, studio blogs and behind the scenes insights.
  • Early access to new eBooks, newsletters and print offers.


“I’m really grateful for all your time and advice...It was a really wonderful learning experience for me.”
Jessica S.
2019 Mentorship Program
“Sean helped me to see my path forwards as a filmmaker and photographer...No matter what stage of your career you’re at, this is an extremely valuable chance to learn and grow."
Luc F.
2017 Mentorship Program
Your honest critique of my work and thoughtful questions continue to encourage.”
Coleen J.
2015 Mentorship Program


From traditional photographic techniques, to secrets only the professionals know, I share with you what I have learnt as a professional photographer and filmmaker over the past 15 years.

Follow the plans laid out in my new series of eBooks in order to immediately elevate your photography. These concepts will help improve your photography through the ease and convenience of the eBook format. 

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