New Limited Edition Prints Available

“For me, the print is the ultimate expression of my craft. As a piece of artwork, it can connect the viewer with my vision and create a shared appreciation of the image through its tangible form.”

For the first time, limited edition fine art prints of my work are now available on the SHOP page.

The limited edition print currently available is the one shown above, ‘Tuvalu’. It is released as an edition of only 30, plus 1 Artist’s Proof, printed at a size of 59×42 cm.


About the image: An aerial view of a small uninhabited island, sitting upon a kaleidoscopic coral reef in the Funafuti atoll, Tuvalu. This image was made as part of my work documenting the effects of climate change in the South Pacific. It’s my favourite image from all of my aerial images shot in Tuvalu. For me, it completely encapsulates the fragile beauty of this unique nation. At the rate at which the erosion and sea levels are changing, this small island might not exist for much longer. It makes me ponder the fragility of all life on earth and our places upon it, forever between the blues of the ocean and greens of the land.

Your image is printed on the finest Hahnemühle paper and is numbered and signed. A watermarked certificate of authenticity, a description of the image and story behind its creation, along with a note of thanks from me, accompanies each print.


Your purchase helps support independent coverage of critical global environmental issues, through Sean Gallagher’s photography and film work.

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