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Patreon Launch

I am pleased to share the new of the launch of my new PATREON page. This is your chance to directly support my work and become a valued member of my community online. When you join my community, you gain access to my private WhatsApp/WeChat groups for daily communication with me. ‘Amateur’ and ‘Advanced’ members also get personalised portfolio reviews and are invited to my monthly group call on Zoom where we discuss and review your work, and share ideas […]

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Photography Tip – A Frame in a Frame

This week on Youtube and Instagram I introduced the latest photography technique of a ‘Frame in a Frame’. In this post, I go further in-depth into this technique and provide more examples for how you can use it to improve your photographs and make them more impactful. Composition is one of the fundamental principles that we need to think about when we make images. Personally, I obsess over composition. It is the framework to our image. Every image is a […]

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Publico Climate Crisis Feature

If you happen to be a speaker of Portuguese, you may like to read this article published recently in Público, Portugal’s daily national newspaper in which I am interviewed about my work documenting the impacts of climate change around the world. The article is titled “They document a changing world so no one can say they didn’t know”, and was part of World News Day, which was on 28th September, with this year’s focus on climate change. Throughout the article […]

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China Dialogue Interview & Feature – China’s Threatened Coastline

Thank you to China Dialogue for publishing this in-depth interview and feature about my work documenting the impacts of climate change along China’s Bohai Bay. This region has been identified as one of the most vulnerable coastlines in China and is predicted to be one of the worst affected in coming decades by rising sea levels and associated flooding, land subsidence and coastal erosion. The aim of my 500km journey was to understand how this region is adapted and prepared […]

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Documenting The Consequences of Climate Change – Amateur Photographer Magazine Feature

Thank you to Amateur Photographer Magazine which has included my work as part of their environment special this month, ‘Documenting the Consequences of Climate Change’. “Photography is doing a big job in raising awareness of climate change and informing our understanding of how the planet is changing. The urgent need for action is strengthened by the work of photographers such as Cristina Mittermeier and Sean Gallagher, who show the dire state of the planet and crises happening around the world […]

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