North Korea Image in TIME Magazine

TIME Magazine Tearsheet | North Korea
TIME Magazine Tearsheet | North Korea

It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks for me as I near the end of a 2-week trip to the US, which has involved talks at Universities, NGOs, an Emmy party, lots of meetings and pounding the streets of New York with my portfolio in hand.

So, when I checked my email the other day, I got a pleasant surprise when I learnt that one of my recently taken North Korea pictures was chosen to run in this week’s TIME Magazine. I haven’t had a picture in TIME before, so I am obviously very happy. It’s an image taken in Pyongyang, outside the mausoleum which houses the embalmed body of the former North Korean Leader, Kim Il-Sung. Technically he is still the leader, as he was given the title of ‘Eternal Leader’ upon his death, I believe. 

The issue with this photo runs tomorrow (or today, depending on your timezone). Go pick up a copy!

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