My tours and expeditions are designed for those who would like to learn directly from me to improve their photographic approach, method and skills.

They take place in some of Asia’s most exciting and visually spectacular regions, enabling you to immerse yourself in the culture, scenery and people of each location, guided by a professional photographer and filmmaker.

I collaborate with established logistical support companies, offering you experienced guides and experts to look after you during your trip.


Yangshuo Photography Workshop

Jutting up from the earth like the upturned jaw of a shark, the famous karst mountains scrape the sky, creating breathtaking views which serve as a constant backdrop to any visit to Yangshuo. This will be the scene for our new Yangshuo Photo Workshop, 2015!

Located near the city of Guilin, in southern China’s Guangxi Province, Yangshuo county is a perfect mix of dramatic landscapes and unique southern Chinese culture that will be the subject matter for this 6-day photographic exploration throughout the region.

During our time together we will explore the Li River which winds its way through the area, photograph traditional cormorant fishermen at sunset along the banks of the river, hike to the top of the karts and rise at dawn to photograph the famous Dragon’s Backbone Rice Terraces.

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2011 – Qinghai Tibetan Plateau

The aim of this workshop was to introduce participants to the people and cultures of this unique part of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. We focused on learning how to photograph in areas where religion is very evident, demanding a respectful and sensitive approach to participants photography. Students were guided through the different approaches to adopt in these situations and were offered help and guidance along the way.

Tibetan Buddhist monks stand outside of Labrang Monastery.

Tibetan Buddhist monks stand outside of Labrang Monastery.

At the same time, we will aim to build up a portfolio of work from each participant that represents your vision of the underlying themes of Tibetan buddhism, monastic life and spectacular scenery that we will have the opportunity to document throughout our trip. No matter what your level of photography, Sean will help establish individual goals for each participant in order to improve your level by the end of the trip.

Learn more about the details of this workshop here.

2009-2010 – Beijing

Our popular “Hutong Photography” workshops ran between 2009-2010 and were a great success with photographers who wanted to explore the hidden corners of the Chinese capital. Our schedule began with classes introducing the basics of photography, providing everyone with advice about how to approach people to take pictures in the hutongs. We then had a ‘Photography Chinese’ class taught by an external tutor to help people while out shooting images.

Workshop participants in the hutongs of Beijing.

Workshop participants in the hutongs of Beijing.

We had two shooting sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Both were followed by group editing sessions where we sat down and looked at everybody’s photos, sharing ideas and thoughts about how we could improve. In between the morning and afternoon sessions, the usual hearty spread of food was layed on to keep participants fuelled for the day’s shooting.