Photoville 2014 – Pulitzer Center Exhibition – Sept 18-28


If you’re in NYC this month, check out the Pulitzer Center’s exhibition ‘GLOBAL GOODS, LOCAL COSTS: FASHION’S TRUE PRICE’ at Photoville 2014 which will run from Sept 18-28.

I’m really pleased to have my recent work from India included in this exhibition along with two other grantees, Jason Motlagh and Larry C. Price.

Here is an outline of the exhibition:

“Global Goods, Local Costs: Fashion’s True Price is a visual exploration of the human lives affected by the production of the clothing and accessories we wear every day. Photographers Sean Gallagher, Jason Motlagh and Larry C. Price take a hard look at exploitative working conditions, health hazards and environmental implications in the production of leather, garments and gold.

Behind almost every product we buy, there is a story that begins worlds away from where it ends. The local costs of the production of these goods too often remain hidden. They are obscured by companies and governments that put a premium on production and exports. They are little understood by consumers, whose concept of “price” and “value” does not include damage done to people and places half a world away.”

Hope some of you can make it!

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