Probably the Best Photography Blogs in the World…Part 2

Back in September of 2010, I posted an article called ‘Probably the Best Photography Blogs in the World‘. It was a casual listing of some of my favourite photography blogs which I visit on a fairly regular basis for inspiration and thought-provoking dialogue. The post itself has been one of the most popular on my blog, so I thought it was time for an update in response to reader suggestions and new blogs I have stumbled upon.

So, as in the last list, in no discernible order and with no official criteria, here are what I think are probably the best photography blogs in the world….part 2.


1. Photoshelter – I’m not quite sure how I missed this blog the first time around but it one that anyone with a remote interest in photography should check out. It is especially suited for those who are working as photographers, or aspiring to do so. Titled ‘A Picture’s Worth’ it covers topics including photography workflow, technique, SEO analytics strategies, photo-industry news amongst others. An essential resource for serious photographers or those thinking of taking photography more seriously.

Time2. TIME – Lightbox – This is a great new photography showcase by one of the industry leaders. Featuring high-quality reportage photography from some of the world’s leading photojournalists, as well as a sprinkling of other types of photography, it has already become a favorite amongst photo-aficionados, ranking with the New York Times’ Lens blog which was featured in my first list. This site is overflowing in quality photography.

Prison Photography3. Prison Photography – “To bring to attention things previously unsaid. To bring attention to things said but unrecorded”. Pete Brook states from the outset his intentions in his manifesto on his blog. Don’t be led to think that this is just a blog about orange jumpsuits and prison bars though. Pete offers his intelligent and deeply thoughtful views about the world of photography and its role on a global cultural level, often through the views of incarceration. For those who wish to go to a deeper level in photography.

BBC4. BBC In Pictures – Formerly ‘Viewfinder’, BBC Picture Editor Phil Coomes has recently rejigged the layout of his blog but still retains the quality content that is falling on the desk of one of the world’s busiest news/picture desks. “We can receive more than 8,000 pictures from the news wire agencies each day”, comments Phil, however he and his team filter through them to offer updates from the world of photography from a news perspective.

Reuters5. Reuters – “What makes a great picture?”, is the tagline on Reuters’ photography blog. If you are an aspiring news photographer, or want to find out more about how wire photographers go about covering breaking news around the world, then this is the site for you.  Updates from Reuters’ hundreds of photographers dotted around the globe will keep you informed of the challenges associated with recording many of the most current images that make it into newspapers on a daily basis.

Conscientious6. Conscientious – For those of you who lean more to the world of fine art, or if you like to escape the travel/photojournalism worlds of photography once in a while, Jorg M. Colberg’s site might just be for you. Book and exhibition reviews, photographer profiles, guest articles can all be found here. Keep up to date with the happenings in the world of contemporary photography.

Lens Culture7. Lens Culture – This contemporary photography online magazine/blog focuses on a diverse mix of photography, photography-related news and has a myriad of styles represented. My personal favourite part of this blog is the audio/video archive which contains a host of interviews with many leading photographers and photo-related professionals. A great resource.

foto88. Foto8 – This magazine needs no introduction. Foto8, established by Jon Levy, has become an institution in the world of photojournalism and for good reason. It is a source of the finest in the world of photojournalism, presented beautifully in their monthly magazine. The blog reflects what is being published each month, as well as offering updates from the world of photography. Updates are more weekly than daily on their blog. But, as always, foto8 is about quality, not quantity.

British Journal of Photography9. 1854 – Another stalwart in the world of photography. The British Journal of Photography offers news, thoughts, analysis, product reviews, photographer profiles and more, on the online manifestation of their magazine. This is an essential blog to keep up to date with many breaking stories and the latest industry news.

10. So, is the sequel better than the original? Have I still missed any other great blogs? Please feel free to write suggestions below!


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  1. Hi Shela…Greetings too! Hope to make it to Peru someday. I here it’s a beautiful place.

    Steve…Thanks for the link. Will check it out.

    Pete…Absolutely my pleasure. Thanks for the additional links.

  2. Thanks Sean. Found while digging around for artists who would like to take part in the collective Square Inches of Love project, an effort to weave the virtual + real worlds and to demonstrate the role of creativity in constituting change. This ex-pro photog is enjoying the recommended sites!

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