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  1. Lama Milkweed l Augustine PhD
    April 6, 2014

    I enjoyed the wonderfully moving photographs and essay you had portrayed so explicitly and couragiously. I was well knowing in a depthful manner about the horriffic plights of these gentle people you highlighted so remarkibly. I wished you mentioned the people in Pakistan as well who still do this unconventional recycling of E waste. As an author of 14 books, and a professor, but a Lama Rimpoche in the Buddhist faith, but a loving and devout Catholic Christian, I was deeply moved with the eclectic manner of descriptions of the peoples and neighborning cultures as you gave your readers a valuable manner of insight into the actuated side effects of the terrible and horror provoking ‘fineries” which graphically entale what has happened to our world in which God has created for us-His children, simply because He loves us and can be here HIMSELF; What a way to say “thanks.”
    Wonderful and incredibly told article and photographic essay.
    Please check out MY BOOKS and essays, one in the Vatican-THE MILKWEED PROPHESY; EPITAPH OF THE APOCALYPSE.
    Her Holiness;The Most Venerable Lama Rimpoche, Miss Prof. Milkweed L. Augustine PhD DD
    author, artist, pacifist leader, religious leader
    [google search Lama Milkweed Augustine [PhD]


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