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27 June

Buying a Camera? Here’s a Free Tent!

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Buying a Camera? Here’s a Free Tent!

27.06.12 – I decided to upgrade my camera this week and plumped for the new Canon 5D mark III. Excited to start putting it through its paces on a new trip in the south of China next week. One other thing that might come in handy is what’s in the blue bag. When you buy […]

18 May

For the Fashion Conscious Canon Shooter…

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  With summer almost upon us, I know many photographers are wondering what on earth their wardrobe contains that will ensure they stand out from the crowds of other photographers this season. Forget scarves. In case something goes wrong with your camera, why not have a t-shirt which doubles as a mini schematic of how […]

5 April

Earth Hour In One Minute | Time-lapse Video

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[youtube][/youtube] Double click window above to watch up to HD 1080p on YouTube Last weekend, I was sat at home wondering how I could test out my recently purchased Canon 7D. I had been waiting to get this camera for a while as it has video capabilities and comes at a relatively affordable price, compared […]

22 March

Where is the Best Place in Beijing to Buy Photo Equipment?

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Where is the best place in Beijing to buy photo equipment? I get this question A LOT, so I thought that it was about time that I wrote a post which could act as an easy reference point for those living in, or passing through China’s capital who want to buy photo equipment. First, let’s […]