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How do you Become a Photographer at National Geographic?

I received this question recently and it’s a question I have been asked a number of times before, so thought I would share my answers that I gave here with all of you. Taking images for National Geographic is a goal for many and is seen as one of the pinnacles of the profession. When I was starting out, it was a dream for me too. I adored the work of photographers like Steve McCurry, Alex Webb, Jodi Cobb and […]

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China Dialogue – Image Publication – Beijing Floods

Two of my images appear in the article, “China’s northern floods show need for climate adaptation strategy”, on the China Dialogue website this past month. The two images were taken recently in the immediate aftermath of the floods which hit Beijing after record rains. “The downpours had severe consequences. Over five million people were affected across Hebei and Beijing, with 62 killed and 34 missing. Infrastructure was also damaged, and the economic toll across Hebei approached 100 billion yuan (US$13.7 […]

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British Photography Awards – Shortlist – After the Flood Beijing

I am pleased to share the news that this image titled ‘After the Flood – Beijing’ has been shortlisted as part of The British Photography Awards 2023. This image was taken in the immediate aftermath of the recent floods in Beijing, China and the story connects to the rise in extreme weather events we are seeing around the world as a result of the climate crisis. You can learn more about this story HERE

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‘Road to Carbon Neutrality’ Now Available to watch on Chinese Streaming Apps

I’m pleased to be able to share that the new National Geographic TV documentary titled “Road to Carbon Neutrality”, is now being screened in China on TV and online streaming apps. If you’re in China, the documentary can be viewed now on apps such as Tencent, Youku, iQiyi, Mango TV, Bilibli etc. Just search for 零碳之路 to find it. International release on National Geographic coming soon. Check your local listings. China has committed to peaking carbon emission by 2030 and […]

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Opening Ceremony of New TV Documentary ‘Road to Carbon Neutrality’ China

Photos from last week’s opening ceremony for the China release of ‘Road to Carbon Neutrality’, produced for National Geographic TV. China has committed to peaking carbon emission by 2030 and reaching carbon neutrality by 2060. It is an ambitious target, but the world needs China to achieve these goals if the global community is to prevent some of the worst effects of the climate crisis. Will they be able to achieve these goals in time? In episode 1 of this […]

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VII Foundation Online Talk – Covering the Climate Crisis from China

I recently sat down with David Campbell of The VII Foundation to discuss my work covering the climate crisis and reporting on environmental issues from China. If you missed the conversation, you can now watch it HERE I’ve known David for many years, so it was a great discussion, and it was really interesting to chat with him about how we use visual journalism as a way to communicate issues around the climate. I highlighted my work in Asia over […]

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21 Influential Environmental Photographers to Follow in 2023 – Expert Photography Magazine

21 Influential Environmental Photographers to Follow in 2023 – Expert Photography I am honoured to be included on this new list by Expert Photography of “21 Influential Environmental Photographers to Follow in 2023” alongside many photographers whose work I admire deeply, including (but not limited to!) Paul Nicklen, Christina Mittermeier, George Steinmetz, Tim Laman, Esther Hovath and Ami Vitale.

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Images from Beijing Floods – China – Typhoon Doksuri

Typhoon Doksuri brought havoc to large swathes of China recently, as consecutive days of heavy rains brought widespread floods. According to Reuters, “Typhoon Doksuri battered northern China this week with extreme rain, breaking Beijing’s 140-year rainfall record and dumping volumes of rain that normally fall in a whole year in the populous province of Hebei…Dramatic swings between extreme heat and intense rainfall are testing China’s ability to cope with increasingly wild weather, as high temperatures challenge power grids and water […]

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VII Foundation – Online Talk – Covering the Climate Crisis from China

On August 22nd I will be sitting down with David Campbell of the The VII Foundation to talk about my work on the climate crisis and China. Click the LINK to register for the talk which will be a conversational event, with questions from the audience. “How should the climate crisis be reported? What issues in Asia are central to coverage of the climate crisis? And what is it like covering the crisis from China? In this event, David Campbell […]

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Images from Tuvalu Published in The Guardian

If you were reading the Guardian recently, you may have seen two of my images appear in the article “Facing Extinction, Tuvalu considers the digital clone of a country”. Have you heard of Tuvalu? If you’ve followed my work over the past few years you have surely heard of it. But for those who are unfamiliar, Tuvalu is the world’s 4th smallest country by land area, with a population of only 11,000 people spread out over a number of islands […]

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