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16 September

British Council Talks – Shenyang & Chongqing

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Earlier this year, I was invited by the British Council to take part in a series of talks in China, presenting my work on documenting the country’s environmental issues to over 300 students at Shanghai’s prestigious Tongji University. I was honored to be part of this series promoting the work of British figures, as previous […]

15 September

24 Hours of Reality: Climate Reality Project

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Live broadcast by Ustream “24 Events…24 Time Zones…24 Hours of Reality Droughts, floods, heat waves, insect outbreaks, wildfires, sea level rise – we are encountering the reality of our changing climate every day. Five years after the theatrical release of An Inconvenient Truth, Nobel Laureate and former Vice President Al Gore will host an international […]

12 September

New Multimedia – China’s Wetlands – Asia Society

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This week the Asia Society and I launched a new collaborative project which brings together 4(!) brand new multimedia pieces, focusing on my Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting on issues surrounding the disspaearance of China’s wetlands. As regular readers here will know, this is is a project that I began last year and have continued […]

1 August

Dongting Lake Wins Press Photographer’s Year First Prize in Multimedia

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Dongting – A Lake in Flux from Sean Gallagher on Vimeo. I am really delighted to share the news here on my blog that my multimedia piece, ‘Dongting: A Lake In Flux” recently won 1st Prize in the prestigious British Press Photographer’s Year 2011. These awards highlight some of the best wotk from British photographers […]

2 May

Restrepo & Sleeping Soldiers

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I’ve been debating with myself over the past week whether or not to write a post on the subject of the loss of Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros. I did not known these men personally. I coincidentally know many of their friends very well but I had never been lucky enough to meet them myself. […]

11 February

Africa Through A Lens

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Came across a very interesting article on the BBC website this morning titled “Africa through a Lens”, that I wanted to share with you and spread the message about. According to the article… “Thousands of old photographs from across Africa – as seen by British colonial staff stationed there – have been digitised by The […]

22 October

New Multimedia Now Online – Education In The Mangroves

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[vimeo width=”570″ height=”320″][/vimeo] This is the second in my series of Multimedia pieces for the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, produced from the body of work I created this summer on China’s current wetlands crisis. These pieces take a lot longer to produce than your average photo essay but I feel they add a whole […]

20 September

New Multimedia Now Online – The Chinese Alligator: Species On The Brink

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[vimeo width=”570″ height=”320″][/vimeo] I’m happy to announce that my new multimedia piece for the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting is now online. ‘The Chinese Alligator: Species on the Brink” is a look at the plight of China’s only crocodilian species and the effects of decades of wetlands reclamation on population numbers. By combining stills, video, interviews […]

9 September

Inside North Korea | Video #3 | On the North Korea/China border

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[youtube][/youtube] This is the third and final installment of mine and Mark MacKinnon’s short videos from our trip in North Korea. This third video focuses on the Chinese city of Dandong, which lies on the North Korea/China border and offers a startling contrast between the two sides of the Yalu river. Whilst the city of Dandong thrives, fuelled by the economic […]

8 September

Inside North Korea | Video #2 | The Arirang Mass Games

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[youtube][/youtube] The above video is the second short-video by myself and the Globe & Mail’s Mark Mackinnon from our assignment in North Korea. The topic of this video is the Arirang Mass Games which are held in the May Day stadium in Pyongyang. In case you don’t know, the Mass Games are a gymnastics, dance and […]