Thinking of Japan…March 11th

JAPAN. Himeji. Women dancing in yukata (summer kimono) at the Kawa Matsuri (River Festival). 2004.

Today marks the one year anniversary since the devastating Japanese earthquake and subsequent tsunami of March 11th, 2011.

I lived in Japan for one year between 2003-2004, so Japan and the Japanese people hold a special place with me. I watched with horror one year ago today as the disasters rocked a nation I had grown great fondness of.

Rather than re-post imagery of the events that day. I wanted to post a few positive images of Japan. Fond memories of a rich and inspiring culture.

My thoughts today are with Japan and the Japanese people, on what must be a very painful anniversary.

JAPAN. Himeji. A market stall selling masks of Anime characters. 2004

JAPAN. Baseball fans release hundreds of balloons, during a game. 2004
JAPAN. Himeji. A man cycles past a colorful mural painted on a wall. 2004
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