Toxic Price of Leather – Global Environmental Justice Documentary Collection

I am pleased to share the news that my 2014 film, ‘The Toxic Price of Leather’, has been included in the upcoming Global Environmental Justice Documentary Collection, focused on highlighting environmental issues across the world, curated for a student audience.

“This online collection of documentaries presents under-reported stories of human rights and environmental protection issues in Asia and North America. Carefully selected to spark student interest and awareness of these issues, this collection brings real stories of individuals and communities to life in the classroom.”

Global Environmental Justice Collection - Sean Gallagher
Global Environmental Justice Collection – Sean Gallagher

I produced and directed this film as part of a 2014 reporting trip which took me from one side of India to the other, documenting stories connected to pollution across the country. The work was sponsored by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.


“I absolutely love handcrafted leather goods, and up until now it’s been that same admiration for the end product that has, quite frankly, kept me from even considering as a whole what the process of turning raw skin into leather looks like…Sean Gallagher sheds light on the extreme effects that the tanneries’ pollution has had on Kanpur’s citizens. Such an eye-opener.”
—Jorge Quinteros,

“The Toxic Price of Leather presents a very human story about the ramifications of widespread consumerism and those wounded in its never-ending appetite.” —Jenna Garrett,

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