Where is the Best Place in Beijing to Buy Photo Equipment?

Where is the best place in Beijing to buy photo equipment? I get this question A LOT, so I thought that it was about time that I wrote a post which could act as an easy reference point for those living in, or passing through China’s capital who want to buy photo equipment.

First, let’s talk location. By far the most popular place to buy photographic equipment in Beijing, is a place called the Wukesong Camera Market, also referred to as Beijing Photographic Equipment City (北京摄影器材城 – Běi jīng shè yǐng qì cái chéng). Situated in the west of the city it can be found a short distance north of the Wukesong (五棵松 – wǔ kē sōng) subway station on (Red) Line 1. (If you’re not sure where this is, please head to the excellent site Explore Beijing, find Wukesong in the west, click on the station and it will bring up a detailed local Google map which is ‘zoomable’). Heading north from the subway station, you will eventually arrive at DingHui Qiao (定惠桥 – dìng  huì qiáo), or DingHui Bridge. The camera market is on the South East corner. It is quite easy to spot as there will normally be a picture of Jackie Chan holding the latest model of Canon camera, looking down at you from a big billboard.

Once you enter the market, be prepared for photo-equipment overload. As the name of the market suggests, this place isn’t just one store, it’s a multitude of stores, all selling cameras of every different shape and size with the add-ons to go with them. There are stores selling all the latest Canons, Nikons etc., stores selling film cameras, medium format cameras, stories for tripods, stores for lights…you get the picture (excuse the pun).

When you enter, it is important to take your time and have a look around and not get overwhelmed by the selections on display. If there is a particular make and model of camera you are looking for, check out the price in a number of stores and compare prices. I guarantee, they will be different! Also important to note, is that you can haggle. Now, you may think that there may be a chance that the quality isn’t very high if you can haggle over the price but this is not the case. It’s normal practise to haggle and prices are flexible. Not extremely so, but flexible enough to save a little cash. It really helps if you can go to the market with a native Chinese speaker, preferably one with good negotiation skills, as this can make a real difference.

The next important thing to note is, when you are buying photo-equipment in China (at least in virtually all of the shops I’ve been to on the mainland) you are given two prices for your camera. The first price you are normally offered is the price without a receipt. Yes, that’s with no receipt. Photography isn’t a cheap pastime and even the cheaper cameras can still be a little pricey, so the thought of spending a lot of cash, only for it to fail an then having no receipt, isn’t a nice one. So, make sure you get the price for your equipment with a receipt. I was in Wukesong just last week and the price difference was 4% higher with a receipt. I am not sure if this is a standard figure in all stores, but it will be thereabouts. If you have gotten to this point, don’t forget to ask for a couple of small freebies. If you’re parting with a sizeable amount of money, they will usually throw in a gift or two.

The Wukesong camera market does have a good reputaion and I know of lots of professionals who go there. Saying that, if you do buy a piece of equipment and you will be in town for a while, it’s a good idea to take it to the local service center who can check the camera. They will normally do this for free, as the camera will only of just been bought and the warranty will still be in effect.

After I bought my new camera recently, I headed to the Canon Service Center to have it checked out. The Canon Service Center is located near DengShiKou (灯市口 – dēng shì kǒu) Subway station (Line 5) – see above for subway maps. Once you come out of the subway station, head east for 2mins and you will find the JinBao Building (金宝大厦 – jīn bǎo dàshà). Go up to the 15th Floor and you will find the excellent service center. Most of the staff only speak Chinese, but some do speak very good English. Once they complete your camera check (normally 15-20mins) they will give you a report and receipt (see pic above). If there is something wrong with the camera, you can take this report back to the store to get a replacement. If there is nothing wrong with the camera, then you can happily head out and start taking pictures!

As I am a Canon shooter, I obviously only use the Canon Service Center. I know this isn’t the only brand of camera out there, so will try and find out where the other service centers are and hopefully do posts on them in the future. If you know where they are in Beijing, please do let us know by posting below.

I hope that this post has been helpful. Please let me know about your experiences!

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  1. Warren — Sean is right. The 7Ds are going for about 9700-9900 RMB at most places out in Wukesong.

    That’s actually about 10% cheaper than the prices I was seeing in Hong Kong 6 weeks ago. With Fapiao!

  2. Hi Sean! Thanks for sharing this info. do they accept bank cards there in Wukesong. I have mastercard but planning to get UnionPay especially for my china trip.

  3. Hi Roman,

    I’m not 100% sure on if they accept credit cards but have a feeling no. China is still very much a cash society. Normally I have to walk in with a wad of renminbi! Not the most secure, I know. If you have a Chinese card it may be okay. I have always payed cash when buying lenses/camera bodies. Don’t forget to get a receipt (fa piao)though if you do!

    Anyone else out there payed with cards at Wukesong?

  4. I dropped by the markets today and though there’s a fairly brisk trade, the concept of paying with a massive wad of cash isn’t appealing; most ATMs I have been to only give out 100 RMB notes and seem to have limits so low that you’ll never get anywhere near how much you need to pick up a decent lens or camera.

    I was after a particular lens (Canon EF-S 17-55 f2.8) and after negotiating backwards and forwards with them (assuming no receipt price), I was literally within 20 USD of what I’d pay for the same lens from an online store in Switzerland (and shipped from Switzerland). So not exactly a bargain.

    For such an enterprising country, I was surprised that nobody’s yet figured out the power of sticking an ATM capable of dispensing large bills within a few hundred metres of the place; not having it seemed just.. dopey.

  5. I found someone to call to rayi shop in Wukesong. They say they dont accept foreign bank cards even its chinese UnionPay. Have to bring dollars to China and change them. I also found in forums that the maximum withdrawal amount at ATM is 5000 RMB. So it will take a week of withdrawal to buy something valuable ))).

  6. Hi, Thanks a lot for this post! I’ll be in beijing for few months so I think that I will defenetly go there to by the few lens I need!

  7. Grant..Roman,

    Yes, I understand your frustration at the lack of ATMs and inability to use credit/debit cards. I was quite shocked the first time I discovered this. Alas, there isn’t much we can do about this.


    Glad that this post was helpful. Please let us know how you got on at Wukesong and what you purchased!


  8. Hi, here is my feedback. On my first day in China I changed dollars at ICBC bank near hostel, it took about 40 minutes for paperwork, checking counting cash. Then I took a taxi to Wukesong. It was good idea that I had a map printed from google, there was also telephone number so taxi driver called that shop in Wukesong to ask how to get there. Chinese taxi drivers are not good at reading maps. this camera market is really big and you can buy there anything.. the only problem that no one speaks english there. My plans were to buy Nikon D700 and three top lenses, filters etc. I had to use a pen and a notepad to ask for the price. The prices for body were different for about 100-300 RMB but for lenses were the same. I found a store called RAYI. I saw their website before. One guy there spoke good english and I decided to purchase everything there. They didnt want to make any discount even after haggling for about 5 minutes. I know that rayi prices are higher a bit than in other shops and I payed 400 RMB more but at least I could communicate with staff and they were helpful, showed me all equipment and helped me with checking it. I didnot take fa piao as I didnt want to pay extra and didnt really need it as I left China anyway. They gave me 2 years shop warranty though)) with VIP card )). After that I went on shopping for accessories like remote control, filters and adapters. There I could haggle freely and I had in some shops 15-20% off. Thanks Sean again for posting info about this wonderful place. I had really good fun walking around this camera equipment city..

  9. Hi Roman…Good to hear from you and thanks for letting us know how you got on. Sounds like you had an interesting day out there! It is hit and miss in Wukesong for good deals but they are there if you are patient and explore around. Glad you managed to find some. Hope all that nice new shiny equipment helps make some even better photos!

  10. Hey!
    Can you reccommend me a place to clean my sensor (canon) ? I’m thinking of a place with a licence, so that I won’t lose my warranty..

  11. Hi Amanda….Yes, if you’re in Beijing, check out the Canon Service Center that I mentioned above in this post. They’re official and do a great job for very reasonable costs. Let us know how you get on! Sean

  12. Hello!
    I would like to check out the place and then head to a nikon service centre – sorry but do you know where a Nikon Service Center is? Thank you!
    Also, would you recommend getting external flash and 50mms at that market?
    Thank you!


  13. Thank you Sean!! =) Such a great help! May I know what are the prices like? Thank you! Also, are you organising classes soon? =)

  14. Stephanie, no problem. Glad I can help out. Not sure of prices because there are so many different things there! Perhaps we need start a list here of prices people have paid for equipment, so they can get an idea of what they should aim for.
    Re: Workshops…Unfortunately we won’t have any classes until September now as I’m off travelling for 7 weeks soon on a new grant for the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting. More when I’m back in Beijing, for sure. Please sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know! Sean

  15. Hi Sean! such an interesting post!! BRAVO !! I’m planning to be in Beijing in 2/3 weeks with the target to get my 550d (or Rebel t2i) with a base kit (or i’ll check for other “real” lenses….). Hope to find a bargain of few % respect Europe (I agree that today Switzerland and San Marino are the cheapest countries in Europe for such a camera). I hope to be ale to start soon shooting with my new “Beijin-er” Canon…i’ll let U know.
    Thanks once more

  16. Hi all! This is my report.
    As Sean suggest i went with a local native chinese speaker, and i tell him to make an all-around trip before i come into the building.
    My target was 550d +kit 18-135 IS with rayi.com prices 7400 Yuan
    After a round trip prices were from 7000 to 7500 without any discussion.
    When started discussing no kit available in the choosen shop (second shop base floor on the left) and on any other shop near it. so discussion has moved on a base kit 18-55 is with as addition a “simple” EF 75-300 f4/5.6 III, with sd 8gb and 2 UV Japanese filters.At end after showing the money an intention on buy price reached was 7100 yuan, more or less the same i can get i n Italy only for the base kit 18-55…..so at the end happy to start clicking with my new Canon….
    Thanks a lot once more for precious instructions Sean!!!

  17. hey sean I’m in Beijing and I’m staying here for another month I was thinking to buy the canon eos 550D,but I don’k know how works about the warranty seeing that i live btw NY and Milan,what do you suggest me?is it going to be fine even if I’m not in china?

    thanks a lot

  18. andy I’m italian as well,please if you read this post contact me,it’s gonna be my first camera,I need it to shoot some models friends but I’m very confused about the lenses 🙁

    please help me 😉

  19. Hey Andrew,

    I just sent you an email. Hope you got it.

    For everyone else, my advice to Andrew re: warranties was that I had always been told that the warranty was only valid within China for a camera bought there. This is just what local sellers told me however, so it’s best to go and confirm with your specific brand/retailer etc. to make sure.


  20. Hi Andrew sorry for delay but i got serious healt problems while coming back to Italy. (now is ok…;)…)
    Warranty is only for China no any international warranty even if You got the receipt fron the shop.
    Just for info i didn’t want the “Fa Piao” (Receipt) because the camera was sealed an i tested a bit before paying. (i’m not a pro like Sean, but just make some click in the shop to check pixels and pointing device screen).

    So be confident if You ‘ll be in Beijing is definitively convenient to make some shopping there, if You plan to fly there just for the camera, i think bettter get it in US….

    BThW, now 1000 clicks, i appreciate the IS lens and NOT the “non-IS” zoom (i knew that but……)…next Year /next trip for new lens…tnks once more

    PS in case Sean could You sent my email address to Andrew so we can talk native language….;)

  21. Just want to add: There is a 2000500 RMB limit when withdrawing from an ATM BUT…you can continue to withdraw on subsequent transactions up to about 20,000 RMB. So, don’t walk away from the ATM just because you have reached the limit on that transaction. Keep going. It’s why the Chinese are often so long at the ATMs.

  22. This is a terrific and informative post. Sean, I’ve seen your work in the Globe a lot over the years. I’ve also been to China 5 times now and have gone to Wukesong a lot…this info is spot on.

    I never saw the point of going through so much trouble to get pro gear there – however, if someone is spending a longer time in China then it makes sense.

    Something I can recommend to anyone, who cannot bring a native Chinese speaker to assist, is the Lonely Planet app for the iPhone or iPod Touch. I had it and along with even a little ability to speak the language will make a big difference. (That, and a lot of patience and good humour, of course) It really helped me a lot, both in shopping and just in general.

    On my last trip there, a fellow film shooter (I shoot digital for my job, and usually film on my own time) and I checked out the mall. It was a Sunday, and there was a huge ‘flea market’ type of thing going on there…dozens and dozens of tables packed with gear of every kind.
    I’m not sure if this is a regular occurrence or a one-off, but some deals to be had, for sure.

    Finally, I’d suggest taking the subway line. Beijing’s subway is really easy to figure out (even for a guy like me, living in a small prairie city in the middle of Canada) and Wukesong is a short walk away. It’s all marked out easily in Chinese and English, and the announcements are bilingual too.

    Great site, Sean. Kudos for being so busy and doing great so far away! BTW I saw a link to your blog on a Facebook group for Reuters Pictures Greater China

  23. Hi Colin,

    Good to hear from you and read about your experiences at Wukesong. Sounds like you are an old China hand yourself, so your advice is more than welcome here!

    To be honest, for the cheapest gear, you probably want to head to Hong Kong, however for us here in the north of China, the cost of going down south will probably eradicate any saving we would potentially make. Wukesong is the best option we have here. It’s a great place for anyone who is into photography, whatever their level.

    Glad that you have seen my work in the Globe & Mail. Have been lucky enough to do quite a bit of work for them in the past couple of years. Even made the front page a couple of times. They and others keep me busy. China’s an inspiring place to take pictures, as I am sure you know!


  24. Nice blog!
    Anybody know how much the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II and an Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim (or look alike) is around Beijing?

  25. Was in Wukesong in November 2010, they accepted my credit card without question and I got billed properly for it aboout two weeks later. I traded in my 28-135mm IS USM with a new 24-105mm f/4 L and used my credit card to pay for the difference.

  26. Sean,

    I found this post a few weeks ago as I was preparing for a quick trip north to Beijing and I’m just getting around to saying thanks for the detailed directions. I was easily able to find both Wukesong, where I picked up a second body, and the Canon Service Center, where I was able to get the old one cleaned/serviced and the new one checked out. I kinda’ went nuts there in Wukesong. I think about half the shops were willing to take credit cards, which was actually a bad thing for me!

    Wishing you continued success…

  27. Hi all

    How are you.I am from Mongolia.I looking Canon Lens.Model- Canon 28-300mm IS Lens.And flash Canon 630EX. do you know anybody price in wukesong market this Canon products?

    My best regards

  28. Hello everyone,
    I will go to Beijing in December and i am looking forward to buying new gear such as lenses, tripod, flash and may be a new body from there. After searching, i found this threat is much useful about Wukesong but i have read about another place called Xietu Lu corner Luban Lu. Its called Xing Guan Photography Equiptment Building. the problem is that i supposed to be in china for only 4 days and the shopping time is so limited. What i really need to know is the better one between both of the previous mentioned markets as well as the working time for those places ( when they open an close ).

    Really thanks for support,

  29. hello, I’m from Jakarta, planning to visit beijing this year. Films here are quite pricey (i mostly use ISO 400 and what we have here are mostly ISO 200 only fuji superia or kodak gold) Just a quick question, hope you can help me:

    1. 35mm films, are they cheaper in beijing than in US? and do they have many variants there?
    2. do they also sell films here in Wukesong or do you recommend any other place to stock on films?

    Thanks Sean! 🙂

  30. Hi All… Thanks for the continued interest in this post on Wukesong camera market! I am sorry that I have been too busy to respond to all of the comments.

    For questions about prices here in China, I recommend going onto the website Taobao Once on the site, put into the search box whichever camera, or piece of equipment you are looking for. It will then bring up the going rates for that equipment here in China. You can then compare these prices to your home country. This will be better than asking me, as I don’t have an encyclopaedic knowledge of all prices at Wukesong!

    Do keep letting us know here how you get on.

  31. hi Sean thank you for this blog.my brother has asked me to get him an EOS canon 7D firmware 2.0 (body only), battery +1, battery charger, memory card 8gb+8. i don’t know anything about it and how to buy it and how to make out the genuine one.i don’t have many days as well as i have someone carrying it back on flight this coming mon night.what would u suggest me to do to avoid hastles.please refer me to specific shops n an approx price range for that.my bro also mentioned if good deals available to get also battery grip,lenses,screen cover,etc.how can i go about this pls?

  32. Many thanks Sean for your detailed information about how to find the place and how to do the shopping and check it with Canon support center afterwards. It worked perfectly fine for me. However I had to get lots of cash from my Credit Card since nobody there accepts international cards (I tried Master and Amex) which wasn’t that good (which means ~7-8% interest rate being paid to the bank).

  33. Hey Sean –

    I am headed to BEI in a couple of weeks. Can I expect a deal on a 50 1.2L? Or should I just get on here in the States?


  34. I will arrive to Beijing in early April, I am planning to visit the camera market to porches a canon 70-200L f/2.8 USM ii, from what I saw in the wed site you recommended to check prices, (tiabia or something similar), the price is a but 40% less than the prices were I live… so it will be worth wail for me to buy this lens in this camera market.

    My questions are:

    1. Is it safe to buy there such expensive gear?
    2. How can I tell what is original and intact?
    3. Should I go to canon head office for check up to be sure or there is no reason for me to fear that the gear is damaged and I was fooled?
    4. Do they speak English there, I don’t speak Chinese, and its were important to explain what I want and to ask questions
    5. Do they let you check the gear to see if everything is ok?

    As you notice my biggest issue is a mistrusts in the Chinese sellers.
    I will love to hear any tips that you have on buying there.

    Thank you!


  35. Sarah… I’m afraid I cannot vouch 100% for every seller and piece of equipment at Wukesong but on the whole I’ve found the market to be reliable. It’s a very popular market with professionals and amateurs here. If you are really concerned about the gear you buy, then by all means get it checked at the Canon centre. If you are still concerned, it may be best to buy from Korea, Hong Kong or Japan. Always go with someone who can speak English and Chinese, so that they can help you. Hope that helps. Sean

  36. Hey,

    I was just hoping you could advise me, does wukesong have a booth that fixes memory cards? My memory card’s busted and I’m trying to get it sorted. Any place you know that might help, I’d appreciate knowing about.


  37. Thank you for your very valuable advice. I’ve just went back from Dongcheng Canon Repair Center. Service was really really good.

    My 5D markII has problem with speedlite not working problem. They replaced top part of camera under 1 hour and free to cleaned CMOS sensor cleaning at Canon service center at JinBao building 12th floor.

    Address is:
    Dongcheng Canon Repair Centre
    Location: 北京市东城区金宝街89号金宝大厦15层
    Tel: 010-85139999/010-85139932
    Dizhi: Beijing shi dongcheng qu jinbaojie 89hao jinbao dasha 15ceng

    I really happy on it.

  38. This really helps. But do WuKeSong Camera Market also sells Nikon and other third party accessories? Regarding the warranty, what if I buy camera and some accessories there, and have a check here at Malaysia? Is it okay? Does the warranty worldwide? Sorry, I not really good at speaking 🙂

  39. Very helpful! Allthough I won’t be staying in Beijing long enough to do this. Do you think Shenzhen is a better place? Because I’ll be spending a whole day there just to buy stuff… in my case, eletronics.

  40. Thanks for your post. I moved to Beijing about a year ago and my high school daughter wants to learn how to develop her own film (B&W for now). Do you know whether Wukesong is a good place to buy dark room equipment and supplies? NOTE: she’ll be learning from scratch and will need a good manual as well, unless you also know a good local teacher!

  41. Hello,

    I purchase a Canon or Nikon camera in the Wukesong Camera market, but live in the USA, how will this affect the warranty included with the camera? Is there a means of obtaining an international warranty for the camera?

  42. Hi John,

    Did you ever find a suppliers, I’m looking to set up a dark room for a school from scratch. Any advice?

  43. Wukesong has a very long New Year holiday, closed until February 09, so I went to Bai Nau near Chaoyangmen recommended by several others sites. I took it to the Canon Service Centre you recommended and it was fake. Of course I’ll never get my money back. It really looked good, how can I prevent this happening in the future?

  44. Hello!
    I am sorry to bother you, but I am looking for a two-hand steadicam. Do you think they might have one? (or at least some variety of other steadicams?)
    Thank you in advance!

  45. Sean, I have lived in Beijing for 9 years and I know quite a lot of places were cameras are sold. i.e. Buynow, (https://sh-xuhui.buynow.com.cn/bnh.php), or Zhongguancun. I even went to Wukesong once but about 6,7 years ago. I wasn’t into photography then but was helping a friend finding equipment. Now, I am considering buying a Canon full frame and I went yesterday to Buynow, since it is closer to my place. Some stores were clearly trying to rip me off while others seem to be genuine. I asked all kind of questions as warranty coverage in China mainland and the box having the original Canon seal. Here is the thing, the prices I was given seem quite good. I post here some for reference. Canon 5d Mark III, body 16,700 RMB, 5D with 24-105 f4 IS 21,600 RMB and with 24-70 f4 IS 22.400 RMB. ALSO THE 6D Kit II WITH 24-70 f4 IS for 15,400 RMB. Buying lenses was 12,500 for 24-70 f2.8 and 5,700 RMB for 24-70 f4 IS. As you can see this prices are much cheaper than what Rayi.com advertise. https://www.rayi.com/?gallery-15-b%2C12-0–4–grid.html

    I have seen people being ripped off at Buynow so I am quite concerned. I speak Chinese so it made it easier for me to talk with the guys there. I thought I should share this information with all photography enthusiasts.

    My questions for you Sean are several. First, could you recommend any particular store (other than Ray) where you think I could consider buying a full frame? I am quite puzzled with prices and the investment is not a small one so I do not want to make a mistake. Besides I am not advanced enough in photography to be able to check the equipment.

    Also, do you know of any photography courses for English speaking people in Beijing? I would be interested on one of those.

    Thanks in advance and congratulations. I believe what you do is so important in nowadays society. I am trying to get Meltdown now but the download is rather slow here is China. Please continue raising awareness.


    • Hi again. Could not wait for your reply and went and bought a 5d Mark III. Ray would be in general a few hundred RMB more expensive than any other shop. They do though seem more PRO than others. Have a great range of bags and accessories.

      Ended up buying in a shop labelled 51sheyuan.com which is one of the Canon Official Dealers. I check that on Canon website. Also used a Canon App for Android that allows you to check that the box and the camera are the same. Then I checked that all numbers match but I just forgot to tell them to write the number of the camera down on the invoice, just in case.

      Anyway, I went to the Canon official repair center and they got all checked out. Everything was perfect. The only thing is that the changed the battery saying that they would give me an original one, that the one in the box was fake because they brought the box from a different shop. I left the battery with the Canon center to get it checked out. Hope it is real.

      Other than that, I would recommend just to get the camera because you get ripped off on the accessories. I paid 21,500 for a 5D set with a 24-105 f4 IS USM lens. That is 2,540 euro or 3,460 USD. 1,500 RMB cheaper than the official price. Not a bad deal.

      Hope this is useful.

      • Hi Marcos… Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Sorry I couldn’t reply sooner. Glad to hear it all worked out in the end. Many of your experiences sound quite familiar. It is difficult sometimes buying equipment here in China, as you never seem to be 100% sure you’re not being taken advantage of. In the future, I actually recommend the store ‘PhotoChance’, near Dongsi. This a independent professional store and I have bought equipment from there before. Here’s a link: https://www.timeoutbeijing.com/venue/Shops__Services-Electronics/10420/Photo-Chance.html

  46. Hi guys, I am looking to buy light modifiers such a softboxes etc. Would it be better to go to Beijing or Hong Kong?

  47. Hello all,

    I’ve visited the electronics markets in Zhongguancun numerous times looking for a “GoPro” to no avail. I was wondering if any of you had come across a shop selling such a camera and its accessories at the Wukesong market.

    Thank You

    • Hi Irry… I haven’t see a GoPro in Wukesong before. Bought mine from a seller in ZGC. I’m afraid I don’t have the seller’s contact details anymore though. I suggest looking for sellers on Taobao, as there are many there. Good luck! Sean

  48. Hi Sean

    Thanks very much for the info and directions on the camera market near Wukesong. I took a trip there two days ago and had an interesting experience that I thought might be good to share with others…

    After browsing the market and enquiring about prices for a Nikon P340 and tripod I eventually settled on a specific store as the price and service seemed to be good. I must add that the market is really impressive and I was blown away by the many cool accessories and gadgets! I gave the assistant the tumbs up for the sale and he disappeared for nearly ten minutes. He came back with a “sealed” box and was very quick to open it and proceed to unpack the box. I immedeately told him that I thought the seal had already been broken but he argued with me and proceeded to put a screen protector on the camera. Before he could I got hold of the camera and noticed some scratches on the LCD display. The arguments started again as he frantically tried to clean the screen. I told the assistant that I was not prepared to take the camera like that and he then disappeared for another ten minutes. I shouldv’e gone with him this time to see what was happening behind the scenes but I did not…

    He returns with the second box and shows me the seal (which seems to not mean a thing) and I tell him that I want to break the seal this time. I do this and it looks more legit than the last one. There were no scratches on the camera this time but the kicker was when I opened the battery cover to expose an after-market battery hiding inside!? So this was clearly also not a new camera! The assistant started to get uncomfortable when I asked him if he thought I was stupid. Asking to see the owner/manager revealed no results either as he had “gone home”! I turned down the offer of a third “new” camera and left the market.

    China has no regard for copyright at the best of times so I have no doubt that they are prooducing Nikon “seals” and trying to pass off demo cameras as new ones. Surely if the seals were legit and the assistant had broken two of them, he would not have let me walk out the store so easily! I’m not sure where this rip-off attitude comes from but to me it seems prevalent in China and unfortunately the more I shop in here, the more I experience it. Needless to say that the bad taste left in my mouth will push me to spend the extra money and buy elsewhere.

    For accesories and aftermarket products I’d say you can’t go wrong at this location, as long as you do your homework and keep your wits about you. But for the serious stuff, I’d rather go to a well known store with a good reputation, preferably outside of China.

    Once again Sean, thank you for the advice and the blog. It’s great to find such detailed info attached to a google search!


  49. Hi Sean!

    I’ll be staying in Beijing for a year and would like to buy a 24-70 nikkor lens to take wonderful pictures of beijing. Can you recommend a trustworthy shop in wukesong, or maybe accompany me 🙂 I am not a pro photographer and could really use an experts help in buying a lens for my d7000 camera. Thanks!

  50. Hello dear,
    i am heading to Beijing pretty soon for a trip, then at the same time i am planning to go to the camera equipment shop.
    it seems the place i need to go.
    but need to know before to get there the price of canon 70-200mm f/2.8 IS II USM lens price?

    could you tell me the price of the lens and also is there any shipping service available?

    thanks in advance

  51. Can i find used cameras there? I’ll be in Beijing in a couple of months and Im looking for a medium format film camera such as asahi pentax 6×7. Thank you

  52. would you please tell me where is orignale shop of canon camera .i live at beijing Zhichunlu Hadian Distric dayuncun 10 line of subway f exit

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