My name is Sean Gallagher, a British photographer and filmmaker who has been based in Asia for almost a decade.

From the Tibetan Plateau to the Indonesian archipelago, I often spend months in the field travelling across the continent documenting its most important environmental, social and cultural issues.

My work often appears with some of the world’s leading news outlets including National Geographic News, the BBC, the Wall Street Journal and the Guardian.

I am a 6-time recipient of the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting travel grant and am a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG). I am represented by National Geographic Creative.

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What I Do


I use photojournalism to produce long-form photo-essays about critical environmental and social issues across Asia. My work appears in major news outlets including The Pulitzer Center, National Geographic News, BBC News and CNN. My corporate clients (Boeing, BMW, UN) hire me to use my story-telling skills to communicate their aims and ethos to their customers through vivid and impactful photography.

Video & Multimedia

My video and multimedia projects incorporate the power of both the moving and still image. Using my background in photographic story-telling, I aim to communicate stories and conceptualize ideas that utilize the strength of combining photographic stills, video and audio. In our changing media landscape, this approach offers new and exciting ways in which we present and tell stories to our audiences.

Education Outreach

I lead workshops and presentations that use photography to communicate the importance of global environmental issues. I have visited over 50 institutions in the US and Asia, presenting to groups from high school students to government think-tanks. My aim is to help my audience understand the importance of Asia’s most pressing environmental issues and the implications on societies across the world.


17 February

Multimedia Week Podcast

Posted by Sean Gallagher in News

I had the pleasure this past weekend to sit down with World Press Photo Academy Connected Learning’s DJ Clark for the Multimedia Week podcast. If you haven’t listened to the podcast yet, it’s a entertaining mix of discussions about the world of photojournalism and its continuing evolution. Topics so far have included Chobi Mela photo […]

12 February

New Workshop Announced in Yangshuo, China – June, 2015

Posted by Sean Gallagher in News, Workshops

The landscapes of the county of Yangshuo are legendary across all of China. Jutting up from the earth like the upturned jaw of a shark, the famous karst mountains scrape the sky, creating breathtaking views which serve as a constant backdrop to any visit to Yangshuo. This will be the scene for our new Yangshuo […]

22 January

Reflections from the National Geographic Photography Seminar

Posted by Sean Gallagher in Events, News | 4 comments

As 9 a.m. approached, the crowd started to rustle. There was a sense of anticipation and excitement amongst the gathered as the doors to the auditorium began to creak open. Having queued up since an hour earlier, the keenest of the attendees were intent on being the first through the doors to claim their front […]

In the Media

In this unique video piece produced by the Asia Society, I discuss my long-term work documenting China’s changing environment in the early 21st century and the subsequent impacts on the country’s people and ecosystems.

From increasing desertification in the north of the country, to climate change on the Tibetan Plateau in the west, on to disappearing wetlands in the south, I outline the implications of a changing environment on the world’s most populous nation.

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