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VII Foundation Online Talk – Covering the Climate Crisis from China

I recently sat down with David Campbell of The VII Foundation to discuss my work covering the climate crisis and reporting on environmental issues from China. If you missed the conversation, you can now watch it HERE I’ve known David for many years, so it was a great discussion, and it was really interesting to chat with him about how we use visual journalism as a way to communicate issues around the climate. I highlighted my work in Asia over […]

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The Camera Doesn’t Matter – New FREE eBook

My new eBook, ‘The Camera Doesn’t Matter’ is now available for FREE download via my HOMEPAGE In this new 22-page/2500 words PDF eBook, I share with you some of the secrets of professional photography that can help you immediately improve your photos, whether you just take images for fun, or take photography more seriously. Thank you to everyone who has already dowloaded the eBook, especially those who have taken the time to write to me with their feedback. “Want to […]

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Beijing Street Photography – New Videos

In this new series of videos, I want to give you an insight into what it is like photographing with me on the streets of some of Asia’s most interesting cities. We start in my home city of Beijing, China. My work has evolved over the years. In my coverage of the climate crisis, I now use drones, shoot documentary films, incorporate portraiture etc., but the routes of my photographic approach lie in documentary and reportage photography. This means capturing […]

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21 Influential Environmental Photographers to Follow in 2023 – Expert Photography Magazine

21 Influential Environmental Photographers to Follow in 2023 – Expert Photography I am honoured to be included on this new list by Expert Photography of “21 Influential Environmental Photographers to Follow in 2023” alongside many photographers whose work I admire deeply, including (but not limited to!) Paul Nicklen, Christina Mittermeier, George Steinmetz, Tim Laman, Esther Hovath and Ami Vitale.

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Images from Beijing Floods – China – Typhoon Doksuri

Typhoon Doksuri brought havoc to large swathes of China recently, as consecutive days of heavy rains brought widespread floods. According to Reuters, “Typhoon Doksuri battered northern China this week with extreme rain, breaking Beijing’s 140-year rainfall record and dumping volumes of rain that normally fall in a whole year in the populous province of Hebei…Dramatic swings between extreme heat and intense rainfall are testing China’s ability to cope with increasingly wild weather, as high temperatures challenge power grids and water […]

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