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Photography Tips (in 1 Minute) – A Frame in a Frame

In this one minute photography tip, I want to share with you the composition technique of a frame in a frame and how you how it can make your pictures more interesting. This advanced framing technique is based around the idea that you use an object within your picture to frame your main subject matter. The easiest way to do this is to photograph through a door or window, with your main subject inside the natural frame the door or […]

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Photography Tips (in 1 Minute) – A Bird in Flight

In this one minute photography tip, I want to share with you how capturing a bird in flight can make your photographs more interesting and dynamic. A quick way to make an average scene more interesting, is to try to capture a flying bird somewhere in the frame. It’s a trick that is often used by professional photographers and it can transform a landscape or situation that otherwise might not be very interesting. However if you can can combine a […]

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Cambodia Burning Screening at The Nest Summit – Climate Week NYC

I am pleased to share the news that Cambodia Burning will be screening this week (Sept 21-22) at The Nest Summit, as part of Climate Week NYC. “The Nest Summit, the official event partner of Climate Week NYC, is a 365 climate action platform and annual event dedicated to advancing sustainability in the United States. We convene the visionary companies, NGOs, researchers, activists, and influential governmental policy-makers to demonstrate how they are leading the way to a cleaner and safer […]

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Photography Tips (in 1 Minute) – The Blue Hour

In this one minute photography tip, I want to share with you why the blue hour is one of the best times of day to make interesting pictures. The blue hour is a time of the day that falls just before the sun rises, or just after the sun sets. At this time the sun is still below the horizon but the sky will be lit in various shades of colours, such as blues, pinks and oranges which you can […]

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Interview with British Journal of Photography – Cambodia Burning – Decade of Change

Thank you to The British Journal of Photography for this interview and article about my film, Cambodia Burning, which was named the moving image winner of the inaugural Decade of Change award. I am pleased that the extra exposure from the current exhibitions, in both the US and in Asia, will bring more attention to this issue in Cambodia and the climate crisis at large, especially in the run up to COP26. Read the full interview and article HERE. This […]

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